Spiral Industries Inc.’s Message to Suppliers

Next to our own employees, our suppliers are the most valuable resource we have in achieving customer satisfaction. We consider all of you as partners in this ongoing endeavor to satisfy all of our customers’ requirements.

In the eyes of our customers, a never ending commitment to their satisfaction is one of the key elements that distinguishes Spiral Industries Inc. above our competitors. The requirements we have set for ourselves and our suppliers to achieve these elements are spelled out in our quality policy below:

“Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by continuously improving our processes to meet our customers’ requirements and to make quality parts, at competitive prices that are delivered on time at minimum risk to the organization.”

Our suppliers are vital to our success and we recognize that we cannot achieve this goal without your support and expertise regarding the various materials, components and services you provide to us.

The purpose in presenting this manual to you is both to “flow down” our customers’ requirements to you and to assist you and your suppliers in meeting the quality system standards set forth in the requirements of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, which are the foundation of our supplier quality program.

Supplier Self Evaluation Form

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Supplier Self Evaluation Form